1. Why our sector is more influential than we might think

    Posted by Sarah Gee - partner on 5th April 2011

    This isn’t the place for political persuasion – and in any case, I’m not yet decided on how to vote on AV – but I was tickled to receive this mailshot from the Vote Yes campaign. Having checked round a few friends, not everyone received one but all those who did got the same six celebrity endorsements, no matter what their profession (perhaps it was the marketing geek in me, but I did...

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    Audience Development 30/03/11 RIP?

    Posted by Katy Raines - partner on 30th March 2011

    The Arts Marketing sector in England has surely been rocked today by the Arts Council’s announcement today not to make any of the 8 Audience Development Agencies part of its new National Portfolio. Whilst we wait with interest to hear what the Arts Council’s new approach to audience development might be, it’s worth reflecting on the journey many of us who have been working in Marketing i...

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    Quote of the week - Extrapolation

    Posted by Katy Raines - partner on 29th March 2011

    “We’ll extrapolate all of that into a design framework” Again, have been sitting in on pitches from companies – this time a load of brand pitches from design agencies. The company who said this strangely didn’t get the job. None of us were filled with a great amount of confidence in their ability to make something fairly complex into something easy to communicate…. Or maybe we...

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    Quote of the week - Going Offline

    Posted by Katy Raines - partner on 9th March 2011

    “I’m going to take that one offline” This fabulous quote was said to me in a sales pitch, where an IT company couldn’t answer the relatively basic question I asked them. Instead of saying they didn’t know, they opted to ‘take it offline’, which apparently means not answering the question at all and ringing someone else after the meeting has finished. I love the idea o...