1. Photo of Katy Raines

    Quote of the week - What's the Point?

    Posted by Katy Raines - partner on 1st March 2011

    “What’s the point in looking at how customers have behaved in the past – the world has changed since the economic downturn, so it’s pointless” This is definitely the best ‘dog ate my homework’ excuse for not doing audience research or data analysis that I’ve ever heard. Whilst I have some sympathy with this view, I don’t believe that customers aren’t suddenly going to chan...


    Posted by Sarah Gee - partner on 26th July 2010

    Dave Shrigley makes the case for investment in the UK arts sector

  3. Will things ever change?

    Posted by Sarah Gee - partner on 21st July 2010

    I’m at the Arts Marketing Assoication’s conference, the annual group therapy session for my industry. It’s always a thought-provoking event, and extremly well curated, and I’m sure that this year is set to be no different. The theme of the event is ‘Pulling Power’ – not, as some of you may be fearing/hoping, the concept behind the late-night network...

  4. Tomorrow's world: what happens when the public & charitable sectors merge?

    Posted by Sarah Gee - partner on 23rd May 2010

    It’s the eve of the day when the new Government will announce their plans for £6bn of cuts to national expenditure, and I’m musing. I feel worried that the cultural and creative industries will fare badly in tomorrow’s announcements. Although the new Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt has assured us that the cuts to arts and culture will not be disproportionate, I can’t see how they can...