Articles tagged with ‘arts funding’

  1. Why our sector is more influential than we might think

    Posted by Sarah Gee - partner on 5th April 2011

    This isn’t the place for political persuasion – and in any case, I’m not yet decided on how to vote on AV – but I was tickled to receive this mailshot from the Vote Yes campaign. Having checked round a few friends, not everyone received one but all those who did got the same six celebrity endorsements, no matter what their profession (perhaps it was the marketing geek in me, but I did...

  2. Let's hear it for TeamGB - and for arts lottery funding

    Posted by Sarah Gee - partner on 7th August 2012

    Like much of the UK, I seem to have had something in my eye for the past 10 days. If welling up with national pride were an Olympic sport, I reckon that TeamGB would be able to add yet another gold to the collection. Tissue manufacturers must be experiencing a rush in sales. It’s been fascinating listening to the way that the accompanying rhetoric has developed in recent days alongside ...