Katy Raines - partner

The Relevance of the Lion King

Posted by Katy Raines - partner on 18th May 2012

My 4 year old is really excited. He’s been to the theatre with me a few times to see dramatisations of books he’s read, and loved every trip. He asks me regularly ‘what else do they do at the theatre, Mummy?’ and expects me to reel off countless names of books, TV programmes and films that he has some connection with. If there was a small scale theatre version of Cars 2, the Lion King or Toy Story playing weekly in my local arts centre, he’d be delighted – but we all know that’s neither possible nor desirable. But I am struggling to find points of relevance for him in work where the immediate connection is less obvious.

As a marketer, it’s made me think about how we can identify and communicate those immediate points of connection or relevance to audiences (of any age). My 4 year old is almost (I think) at the point of wanting to go to the theatre, even if it isn’t something he’s heard of, because, by going so frequently, the point of relevance is now the theatre itself – that has meaning for him, as he’s always enjoyed it in the past.

So I’m on a mission to work out how many points of relevance or connection we need to create with audiences to get them to the frequency ‘tipping point’ whereby our organisation is the connection, almost regardless of what we’re putting on. I suspect it’s quite a few more than we Arts Marketers think it is.