Retain and Gain - CRM in action

We worked with colleagues at Audiences Northern Ireland to help member organisations retain their audiences and grow organisational income to create a more sustainable future.

Belfast Children's Festival 2009
(Photography: Jill Jennings)

Belfast Children's Festival 2009
(Photography: Jill Jennings)

The brief

Audiences Northern Ireland

Indigo were asked to assess the levels of customer loyalty in 14 arts organisations in N. Ireland, and make recommendations for changes that would improve marketing effectiveness and increase income.

Our Approach

What was Indigo’s approach?

Indigo worked with each organisation in turn to assess its loyalty levels, and current marketing practice, using our ‘Audience Loyalty Healthcheck’ tool. Results were presented back to each organisation and recommendations made for small improvements.

Indigo then developed a training programme to help the organisations get started on a ‘CRM’ (Customer Relationship Management) approach; and an opportunity for the organisations to get together and share their experiences.

The results

What did Indigo deliver?

INCOME – all of the organisations have identified where small changes to marketing activity could improve their income generation

IMPACT – 100% of those attending the training course rated our trainer as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’

IMPACT – Comments from organisations involved include:
“We’ve found it absolutely essential to move our marketing activity to the next level”
“The immediate impact is that it will increase our revenue, and it’s so much more cost effective to keep your customers”
“Now I’m thinking about ‘is this cost effective’, ‘am I targeting the right people’”
“We’ve worked with other consultants over the past few years, and I would say this was one of the best”

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