Ulster Orchestra

We worked with the Ulster Orchestra to completely re-model their approach to marketing communications in order to be more effective with every £1 they spent

Paul Klein, French Horn, Ulster Orchestra

Paul Klein, French Horn, Ulster Orchestra

The brief

Ulster Orchestra

Indigo were asked to help the Ulster Orchestra examine its current marketing communications effectiveness and test out new approaches to this in order to save money and increase impact.

Our Approach

What was Indigo’s approach?

Indigo worked alongside staff at the Ulster Orchestra to analyse their ticketing data and identify customer segments based on frequency and artform.

We constructed a methodology for monitoring each of the segments after each direct marketing communication, calculating response rates and return on investment.

The results were then used to re-model the approach, and estimate revised quantities of literature required for each segment.

The results

What did Indigo deliver?

INTELLIGENCE – The Ulster Orchestra now has a really good understanding of its customer segments, and a simple way of monitoring and measuring its marketing effectiveness

INCOME – By re-modelling their season communications based on the analysis undertaken with Indigo, the Ulster Orchestra spent less than half of its previous marketing spend, whilst income was trebled.

IMPACT – the return on investment for each marketing pound spent leapt from £1.60 to £20.90 and the resulting savings were re-invested in activity to generate new audiences for popular and family work.

To find out more, download the full case study from the Resources section of the website, or contact: katy.raines@indigo-ltd.com or call Katy on +44 (0)7786 543593

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