UK Experience Survey

Do you want a tool that can measure quickly and cheaply your performance in terms of :

  • Audience Engagement?
  • Quality and Depth of Artistic Experience?
  • Venue Service Levels and Facilities?
  • Benchmarking with your Peers?

“This research been an invaluable way of feeding back audience experience to programmers. Sometimes Box Office stats aren’t enough – the star rating appeals to programmers and operations managers and will allow us to set benchmarks for the audience experience which can be understood across the whole organisation”
Katie Anderson, Marketing Director, Warwick Arts Centre

Arts Council KPIs

If you’re an Arts Council England client, it’s also likely that you’ll be in the process of developing a set of KPIs for your organisation. Our Experience Survey directly addresses three of the main areas identified:

  • Increasing Engagement – evaluating the depth and quality of the audience experience
  • Understanding Audiences – showing that you understand and can demonstrate the depth and quality of audience experiences
  • Benchmarking and Sharing Data – comparing this data and insight with your peers

For just £500 per year, The Indigo UK Experience Survey can deliver a simple and effective solution.

The survey has been used successfully with a number of UK Arts Organisations using a methodology developed by the New Economics Foundation, TMA, SOLT and the ITC.

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