We believe that many of the answers lie within a client organisation, and we respect clients knowledge and understanding of the situation. Sometimes it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes on the situation, or an opportunity to talk over what is being experienced. We work with clients to select the most appropriate methodology for the situation; to uncover what they don’t know about their capabilities and challenges; and to see how that knowledge can help them improve what they do.

Our team of consultants are known for their thoughtful and intelligent approach to consulting. We have all been practitioners in Arts and Cultural Organisations, and collectively have over 60 years of industry experience.

We don’t pull solutions ‘off the shelf’, but make sure that our work is specific to clients’ needs.

We base all our work on a sound understanding of client’s existing and potential audience – not on hunch, hearsay or just ‘what’s worked for other organisations’. We use primary and secondary research and data analysis extensively, and make sure we get to know the audience in the context of a client’s organisation, to help them to base their decisions on real evidence that is appropriate for their customers. We are also committed to up-skilling marketers’ research capabilities to ensure continued and on-going research in-house.

We are committed to keeping our knowledge and experience current, both within the industry, and by identifying interesting examples of best practice in marketing and fundraising elsewhere. We undertake primary and secondary research in order to raise knowledge in the sector, to keep our knowledge current, and to maintain our forward-thinking and cutting edge reputation.

The Indigo Approach

Indigo Ltd works with creative and cultural organisations to help them improve their income and/or their impact.

We see our involvement as an investment in an organisation, as we aim to make our work with clients have a lasting impact on both their staff and the way they work.

Our approach is always to work with clients to determine the best solution for their particular needs. We don’t ‘cut and paste’ from other client’s work, or take ready-made solutions and try and persuade customers to adopt them. We enjoy the challenge of each new project, and finding the bespoke solution required for each unique situation.

We adopt an ‘intelligence-led’ approach to all our projects, which combines the knowledge of clients, their customers, industry knowledge and our consultants. It’s only by taking all these factors into account that we can address the particular challenge being faced by a client.