AMA Conference 2011

In this folder you will find the following files:

AMA Conference 2011 – Indigo Presentation
This is the full Powerpoint presentation that we gave at the conference

Campaign Monitoring – Indigo’s Top 21 KPIs
This is our list from the presentation, with some brief descriptions/ definitions

mac birmingham case study and matrix
The example that we used at the conference, plus a copy of the matrix that we described

Marketing Performance Indicators
This is a list of fairly high level KPIs that we’ve developed alongside our Healthcheck model. It’s more about overall marketing operation rather than campaigns

National Benchmarking Key Performance Indicators
A list of KPIs developed for Audiences UK in an ACE funded project. There’s a full explanation at the front. It includes some marketing indicators, but is mostly about organisational & operational data

Stakeholder Communications Tables
Copies of the tables we suggested in our presentation

Ulster Orchestra Case Study
You’ll find a full version of this in the Case Studies section of our website

And finally…
Crowdfunding presentation by Sarah Gee

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