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    Audience Engagement and Development

    We all want to build loyal audiences and a sustainable customer base, but it doesn’t happen overnight. We work with marketing, communications, fundraising, online, learning & participation, programming and senior staff to build consensus and ensure integrated planning and delivery of projects. Indigo has many years of experience of: Creating development plans for hard to reach audiences (typically BME communities, young people and C2DE socio-demographic groups); Devising and implementing activities to engage new audiences and increase loyalty from existing customers; Facilitating workshops to maximise income through diverse programming and inspired marketing and communications.

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  • Crowdfunding

    We were very proud to launch a philanthropic crowdfunding site for the arts and cultural sectors, AngelShares, which was unique in offering Gift Aid functionality, following extensive – and very positive! – negotiations with HMRC.

    Sadly, having raised over £10k for arts organisations and won them many new on-going supporters, the enterprise fell victim to internet trolls, and became unviable. However, we learned a lot about what works and doesn’t in crowdfunding, and are keen to help others make this a successful tool in their fundraising arsenal.

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    Fundraising and Income Generation

    Embarking on a capital campaign? Need help setting up a legacy or membership scheme? Want an independent expert’s view on your income this year, or future targets? We’re here to help.

    Fundraising services we offer include: Fundraising Healthcheck, Advice on staffing and departmental structures; Audits; Capital campaign planning; Coaching; Feasibility studies; Legacy planning; Membership scheme analysis; Online campaign planning; Strategic planning; Training.

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    Who are your target market segments? Why do you want to reach them, and how will you do it? What do you want to say? We’re experts in helping organisations to figure all this out, and more.

    Marketing services we offer include: Marketing Healthcheck, Assistance with recruitment; Audits; Brand development & evaluation; Customer relationship management; Audience Loyalty Healthcheck, Customer segmentation models; Integrated on- and off-line campaign planning; Situational analysis; Strategic marketing planning; Stakeholder analysis and communications strategies;

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    We’re often asked whether we offer recruitment services. Well, the answer is no and yes. We don’t act as a recruitment agency as, frankly, there are many other people and organisations out there who do that far better than we ever could.

    However, we have helped with: Devising job descriptions; Shortlisting; Creating interview tasks and suitable presentation topics; Helping with the interview process; Taking up references; Coaching new appointees.

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    Research and Evaluation

    How do you know that what you do works? What do your customers think of your organisation? How should you formulate and monitor key performance indicators? If you’re in a muddle and don’t know where to start, or need expert help with strategic qualitative or quantitative research, we can help.

    Our experienced researchers can provide: Assistance with brief writing; Customer circle training; Depth interviews; Focus group facilitation; Situational analysis; Simple on-line surveys; Telephone research; Training.

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    Training and Personal Development

    We love passing on our experience and ensuring that the next generation don’t reinvent the wheel. Our partners are regular trainers for organisations such as the four national Arts Councils, Arts & Business, Arts Marketing Association, Association of British Orchestras and the Theatrical Management Association, as well as creating bespoke in-house training and coaching for our clients.

    Training we have delivered to date includes: Audience engagement & development; Communications & stakeholder analysis; Customer segmentation; Fundraising & income generation; Integrated marketing planning; Introduction to research.

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    UK Experience Survey

    Do you want a tool that can measure quickly and cheaply your performance in terms of :

    Audience Engagement?
    Quality and Depth of Artistic Experience?
    Venue Service Levels and Facilities?
    Benchmarking with your Peers?

    For just £750 per year, The Indigo UK Experience Survey can deliver a simple and effective solution. Click HERE for more information.

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