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We live in an insight-hungry world. 

As we recover from Covid, arts and culture organisations are truly becoming wise to the way that good quality insight can help them make better decisions - whether it's programming, marketing or customer service provision. 

We also know that you have a lot of reporting requirements. 

  • You may be Arts Council funded and need to submit regular audience research, or you may choose to use the Insight & Impact Toolkit and need to gather that dataset, too.
  • You may have grant funding and need to provide evaluations and measures of success.
  • And, of course, you may want to find out specific things about the attitudes and behaviours of your audiences or non-attenders to make better decisions.

Indigo Share can help support you with all of this measurement, monitoring and insight. You can get involved in any of the strands of Share depending on your needs - and there's a lot on offer for free.

Share: Subscription gives you access to our two flagship surveys, the Audience Experience and Audience Overview. Track audience views after they have visited your venue with real-time feedback, and then get a more in-depth annual snapshot of your audiences to inform funding applications, programming and marketing campaigns. Our basic offer is completely free, with cost-effective paid options for those who want a bit more tailoring or reporting. 

These two Subscription surveys contain all the data you need to upload directly to Arts Council audience monitoring systems - but with the chance to add your own questions and make it bespoke for you. 

Since data means nothing in isolation, we bring together insight from across the sector to create regular benchmarks. If you're wondering whether your results are typical or whether you could do more (or if you have something brilliant to shout about), this additional layer of insight is indispensable. 

Alongside your regular surveying, you can join any of our Hot Topics research programmes, which will respond at pace to particular sector challenges from sustainability to Covid recovery. You'll be invited to join these for free throughout the year.

So what about all those gnarly questions that pop up through the year and that you wish you had enough budget to address? In our mission to make a stronger sector, we will act as your research matchmaker with Co-Create. We will take your research problem and find other organisations who would like to join in and share the costs. The huge benefit of this collaborative approach - apart from making budgets stretch so much further - is the ability to reach beyond your own dataset and engage in a richer dialogue with other organisations to solve problems together. Just suggest a topic and we'll find a cluster of organisations to share the costs and discuss the insight. 

What might this look like over a year?

How you use the programme is up to you - but a year of using Indigo Share might look like this:

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