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A FREE audience survey for online Christmas shows and Pantomimes in 2020.

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About the Christmas Online survey

For many audience members, a trip to the pantomime at Christmas is an annual tradition - and we’ve seen in our previous research how important it is for family audiences in particular. 

This year, although some Christmas shows will go ahead in-person, many will be streamed for audiences at home and some have been developed specifically for online audiences. 

We have designed the Christmas Online survey to help you get instant answers to questions about your audiences:

  • Did the show keep your usual Christmas attenders happy?
  • Did you attract new audiences who don't usually come in-person?
  • What might you need to think about for 2021?

Our surveys are FREE to take part in.

You will have instant access to your responses, and your data will be aggregated with responses from other participating organisations to create a benchmark report for the benefit of the sector.

Frequently asked questions

What are the survey questions?

You can download the survey questions:

How do we send out the survey?

This depends on the format of your online Christmas show. If you’re selling tickets for a particular night and streaming the show with a set audience each night, you could send the survey out the next morning to those who had tickets the previous night as you would a regular post-show email. This can be automated and scheduled in some ticketing systems.

If you are selling tickets which give access to watch at any point during a period of days, you may want to wait until the end of the digital ‘run’ to email everyone who booked.

If your Christmas show doesn’t require booking, you could consider incorporating the survey into the experience in another way, for example by sharing it in the comments section of your streaming platform.

What should we say in the email?

We have provided some sections of copy which you may want to include in your post-show email along with the survey link. Please feel free to use or adapt this to suit your organisation:

What if we’re doing our Christmas show in-person and online?

We would still encourage you to use the Christmas Online survey for your online audience. If you’d like to, you could sign up to our Culture Restart experience surveys for your in-person audiences.

How are the results captured and how do I see the results?

We provide you with a link to send to customers. When they click the link their responses are recorded in our survey software. The results are available for you to see in real time through a second link which we will send you for that purpose. 

Is there a deadline for signing up and sending the survey?

We recommend sending the survey out as soon as possible to audiences who have watched your online show. With some productions running until the first week of January, we plan to leave the survey open until Friday 15 January. You can sign up at any time before then, but please give us 2-3 working days to set up your survey links.