Services — Fundraising consultancy

The need to diversify fundraised and earned income is ever-present, and we are just the people to help you. Whether it’s an audit of your current income, support with strategic planning, research on possible funding sources, or some ‘critical friend’ support while you move through a campaign, Indigo’s partners and associates have decades of experience to draw upon to ensure your success

Fundraising Audit

Using a structured question set - covering income over the past 3-5 years, alongside fundraising ‘products’, and human, IT and financial resources – our audit will provide a snapshot of current income successes, alongside a set of recommendations for future improvements. This will help organisations build fundraising income budgets that are based on an informed view of future potential, and allow suitable expenditure in the pursuit of funds.

Fundraising Feasibility

Organisations often need an external view on their fundraising achievements to date, and their potential to raise money in the future. We have over a decade of experience in helping cultural charities to structure realistic budgets and resource the fundraising function appropriately.

Capital Fundraising Strategy

Embarking on a capital project is a huge undertaking for any organisation, so reducing any element of risk is a prudent and responsible step for any board and management team. We have helped many organisations through an assessment of their fundraising potential

Fundraising Strategy

We know that there’s increasing pressure on fundraising and income generation teams to produce ever larger sums – but simply increasing the target in the budget isn’t the answer. Without a good strategy, supported by appropriate resources, your organisation will never succeed.

We have experience gained over a decade as consultants, in addition to years prior to that ‘in house’, to help you make your fundraising resilient and sustainable.

Legacy Giving Planning

Legacy fundraising to arts and cultural organisation remains a largely untapped market in the UK – and yet we have perfect market conditions, with considerable numbers of ‘Baby Boomer’ generation audiences and visitors who own property and have other assets.

Staff Development and Training

Even the very best fundraising teams need support and development over time. We’re experienced in presenting formal training, and in working one-to-one, or in small groups. Managing Partner Sarah Gee is holds a teaching certificate and is also a trained coach, so can provide coaching and/or mentoring as required.

Interim Management

Although better known as consultants, Indigo partners love getting their hands dirty and helping organisations achieve maximum results. Over fifty years of combined experience means that there are few situations that we’ve not previously encountered, and we provide solid support to Chief Executives, Boards, senior managers, and fundraising teams to embed skills within organisations so that they are more resilient in the future.

Research - Trusts and Foundations

Are you good at writing applications, but always going back to the same small group of funders? It’s great to have a fresh pair of eyes on your organisation or projects to spot new funding opportunities. We can help you by researching against a series of project synopses, providing you with a database of potential funders, detailing why we think them to be a good match, a suggested level of award, similar projects supported previously, and all the contact details you’ll need to make an application.

Helping a UK City of Culturebid understand how visitors and residents engage with culture

Indigo offer fantastic customer service and are always a pleasure to work with

Kate Fitzgerald, Visitor Insights Manager, The Lowry