Services — Insight

“It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data.”Sherlock Holmes

We believe that having true insight into your customer base is the starting point for making any organisational change – whether it’s your programme, your communications or your infrastructure. 

We can help you work out clear and simple ways to gather audience insight, and then update it regularly as things change.

Audience overview

Do you need an overall picture of your audiences – how they are behaving over recent years, what they think of you, and what their characteristics are? We use a combination of data analysis, desk research, surveys, and benchmarking techniques to pull together a comprehensive and clear picture of your current audiences – and identify opportunities for potential development.

Data analysis

If you have a ticketing system or customer database, you're likely to be sitting on a goldmine of information that can be useful to you in making programming, business and marketing decisions. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with data, but have no information or insight. Our approach helps you to understand what’s really important in the data you have – and how to use it in a smart way as you move forwards.

Market assessment

Do you need to find out the size of the market available to you for what you do? Perhaps you want to better understand the profile of the people who live in your catchment area – and how well you're engaging with them. What scope is there for growth, or have you already saturated the market? We can help you to understand all of those things and identify the ‘hotspots’ in your area that are ripe for developing audiences.


Do you want your communications to work harder for you and deliver better return on investment? Do you want to understand how your different audiences engage with you, and make your messaging more relevant to them? Do you want to raise more money from audience members, but you’re not sure which ‘ask’ will work best? 

We have worked with many many organisations to help them identify their different audience segments, and then direct their marketing and fundraising messaging appropriately.

“Segmentation is saying something to somebody instead of nothing to everybody.”Jay Conrad Levinson, Guerilla Marketing

Indigo are fantastic to work with: they have greatly assisted us to have a better understanding of the data that we hold and how to analyse it to push forward audience development.

Dave Prokic, Box Office Manager, Alnwick Playhouse