Culture Restart: Beyond the Data with Aberdeen Performing Arts

Since October 2020, over 100 organisations in the UK have been using our Audience & Visitor Tracker to keep in touch with audiences.

We spoke to Andy Kite, Marketing Manager at Aberdeen Performing Arts, to find out how they have been using the survey results.

Beyond the Data with Aberdeen Performing Arts

Andy explained what they've been looking for in their Tracker results and how that's been informing their business planning in the run up to reopening:

"Hopefully we'll see things changing, whether it's that audiences are feeling safer, more likely to return or actually even just identifying how the different groups are feeling. I think the more you go into the data, the better the decision making and the communications.

"Recovering as quickly as possible, whether that's to get back to normal or just getting back where we're a lot more self-sufficient is going to be really important. How we communicate to the different groups is really going to be vital to achieve that.

"Now, more than ever, it's going to be important to understand how to bring people back, make them feel safe and get back to a sense of normality as quickly as you can once you can reopen. To do that properly, you need to listen to your customer base and what that's telling you and let that inform your decisions.

"I would fully recommend being part of the Tracker and getting involved for your own benefit but also you have the national benchmark and you're contributing to that on a national level as well. The more results you can get the better."

Beyond the Data series

In our Beyond the Data interview series, we aim to share examples of how cultural organisations who are using our Culture Restart Toolkit are using their survey results to inform communications and business planning. Watch more on YouTube.

With thanks to Andy Kite for his time talking to us and to Amalie Briden for conducting the interview.

Flo Carr
Associate Director

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