Culture Restart: Beyond the Data with Carn to Cove

Different types of cultural organisations have each faced unique challenges over the last year.

As organisations prepare to reopen, we've been gathering survey responses from cultural audiences using our Culture Restart Audience & Visitor Tracker.

We spoke to Claire Marshall, Deputy Director of Carn to Cove, about the impact of Covid-19 on rural touring and the importance of keeping in touch with audiences. 

Beyond the Data with Carn to Cove

Claire gave us an overview of how they have been using the Audience & Visitor Tracker and why it has been important for keeping audiences engaged:

"It's been really crucial for us to understand our audiences using the Tracker because everything that we do is different now. Working outdoors is completely new to us and offering digital content is completely new to us - and at the moment those are the two things that we are able to do.

"Understanding what our audiences feel about those things and how confident and comfortable they are engaging is really important. And so the Tracker and the responses that we've had from the surveys have been underpinning every decision we've made over the last nine or ten months.

"To keep a dialogue with our audience has been really important to us because we don't want to lose them. So having a reason to speak to them, to ask them to give their feedback has been great. This has given us an opportunity to ask some different questions and find out more about them.

"I always felt that we knew our audiences quite well, but actually because we've been talking to them in a different way, we've gathered more insights on different aspects and definitely that is something that I want to carry on doing."

Beyond the Data series

In our Beyond the Data interview series, we aim to share examples of how cultural organisations who are using our Culture Restart Toolkit are using their survey results to inform communications and business planning. Watch more on YouTube.

With thanks to Claire Marshall for her time talking to us and to Amalie Briden for conducting the interview.

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