New findings: audience engagement with digital culture

Between 1 June and 15 July, we asked over 100k audience members for their views on missing out on cultural events, booking tickets during lockdown and returning to live cultural events with social distancing measures in place.

We also asked what they thought about experiencing culture in different formats while venues remained closed - specifically outdoors and online. View the original findings →

Understanding digital engagement

While many venues remain closed, it is clear that there is going to be a place for experiencing culture online - and the positive increase in access to culture provided by digital content suggests it should have a permanent place alongside live performance even when venues reopen.

We wanted to dig deeper to find out how audiences feel about digital culture - and what they are willing to pay to experience it. While it was clear from the general findings that most audience members were happy to pay the same for outdoor cultural experiences as they would to see something in a venue, it was not quite as simple for digital culture.

We worked with our friends Baker Richards and the Audience Agency to analyse the audience responses to questions about digital culture, and they have now released two reports, available to download:

Press coverage

This new analysis into digital engagement has been reported in a number of industry media outlets:

  • The Stage: Theatres faced with challenge to build viable digital audience, analysis suggests | Read now →
  • Broadway World: Quality Fears And Abundance Of Free Content Are Holding Back Audiences' Willingness To Switch To Digital Culture | Read now →
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