The Insights Alliance: It’s time to work together

The Culture Restart Toolkit is delivered by the Insights Alliance, a group of three prominent UK consultancies who are working together to help the cultural sector gather the essential audience insight needed to plan for a successful recovery and restart:

  • Indigo Ltd, who led the After the Interval and Act 2 surveys
  • Baker Richards, specialists in resilient business models, earned income strategy and audience loyalty
  • OneFurther, experts in digital analytics, online user research and digital marketing

The Insights Alliance is working in collaboration with The Audience Agency, who will provide analysis and insight into behaviour by Audience Spectrum segments, and comparative intelligence from their current population survey.

The Alliance exists to move beyond data, information and interest - into actionable insight to help the cultural sector recover.

Find out more about the Culture Restart Toolkit →

Flo Carr
Associate Director

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