Indigo delivers overall evaluation for Birmingham 2022 Festival

Birmingham Pride Parade 2022 (Getty Images for the Birmingham 2022 Festival)

Today Indigo proudly presented the overarching evaluation findings as lead evaluator of the Birmingham 2022 Festival. 

Audacious, playful and inclusive, the Festival empowered people from Birmingham and beyond to experience a world-class cultural event that  showcased talent and creativity on a global stage. Locally made and enjoyed by millions, 993 organisations and a 4,954-strong workforce curated  a dynamic and unique programme of 165 projects to celebrate the city and region, reflecting its legacy while positively disrupting established narratives. 

Indigo was responsible for producing an overarching evaluation of the 2022 Festival, detailing engagement with communities,  the programme of events, outcomes of the Festival, and its overall economic impact on the city and regional economy; as well as three Case Study reports focusing on Co-Creation, Skills Development and the Untold Stories of Birmingham and the region.

Birmingham 2022 Festival - An overarching evaluation report of the key findings

Our overarching report and Case Studies are available in a range of formats from the Birmingham 2022 Festival Evaluation page →

Speaking at today’s launch at the Birmingham Hippodrome, Katy Raines, our CEO said: 

“These reports are the result of 12 months’ work collaborating with the Organising Committee,  with the support of all the projects and individuals who took part. The collective effort in  gathering these findings has allowed us to tell a story of how a large-scale cultural festival can  resonate with local people, illuminate untold stories of the region for a wider audience, and  build capacity and resilience in the sector. I’m now excited to see how the region builds on  these outcomes for the future."

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