Act Green

Building our understanding of audience attitudes towards the climate crisis and the role of cultural organisations and their audiences in tackling it.

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Act Green is designed to help cultural organisations to:

  • Discover how different audience groups view the role of cultural organisations in tackling the climate crisis
  • Develop impactful ways to communicate with different audience groups
  • Shape strategies for how best to involve audiences in sustainability initiatives

Act Green 2023: Report now available

The results of Act Green 2023 have now been released.

View results and download report →

Previous research

In May 2022, 58 organisations sent out the Act Green survey to their audiences. The results generated showed just how engaged cultural audiences are with sustainability and the climate crisis, and the high levels of expectation they place on the cultural organisations they attend. 

In this second iteration of Act Green, we are planning to build our understanding of this topic, asking many of the same questions to see how responses have changed and looking at new areas as well.

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