The Self-Service Venue

Understanding audience willingness to embrace self-service technology as part of the venue experience.

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On stage, the theatre sector is at the forefront of technological advances, leading the way with experimental stage technology. 

And now, particularly since Covid, audiences are starting to engage with the theatre ‘customer’ experience in a digital way as well: accessing programmes through QR codes, bringing along tickets on their phones, or ordering drinks via an app. 

But are these technologies always welcomed by theatre audiences? Do they remove hassle, queues and time or are they detracting from a great night out? At what points do audiences value a human interaction?

What were we trying to find out?

  • What do audiences think are the benefits of automation or self-service? How does it enhance their experience in terms of convenience, speed and accessibility?
  • In what situations do audiences prefer in-person interactions, and why? What does it add/deliver that automation doesn’t?
  • Are there particular audience groups who are more likely to benefit from the use of technology and automation? 
  • How are audiences using digital devices, tools and automation in other areas of their life? 

About pointOne

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On the back of successes within the arts sector, pointOne founded an arts and culture division and now the solution includes many theatre-specific features to manage interval ordering, ticketing integration and kiosks, as well as focused learning and support for our customers. pointOne have over 50+ theatre venue customers and are growing fast, making them the go-to EPoS partner for the arts sector.

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