Subscription FAQs

What are the benefits of joining Indigo Share: Subscription?

Indigo Share: Subscription gives you cost-effective, hassle-free access to pre-built surveys to use all year round, with immediate access to your results in real time. The setup is quick and simple, we can automate data collection*, and you’ll have support from the Indigo team to get you started and to discuss your results. By joining our collaborative programme, you’ll be part of a sector-wide initiative, contributing to a benchmark with which to compare your own results and generating powerful insight for everyone. You can gather all the data that you need for funder reporting, including the Arts Council if relevant, with no need to carry out multiple types of surveys.

*available for Spektrix, Ticketsolve and Tessitura users

I already run surveys with my audiences. Why should I use Indigo Share: Subscription instead?

Indigo’s Audience Experience survey is developed in collaboration with the sector so we know the questions are all things you need to know. Using a ready-made survey means we’ve done all the thinking for you, it’s extremely cost-effective, and you can still add in those specific questions that only your organisation needs to know. Our Subscribers tell us that perhaps the biggest benefit, though, is the benchmarking. Twice a year, we share a benchmark report so you can see how your responses compare to the rest of the sector. With a BESPOKE plan, we also offer benchmarks by region and artform - or indeed, anything else you’d like (subject to adequate data).

What do I get when I sign up for Indigo Share: Subscription?

All Subscription plans give you access for a whole year to our proven post-show surveys. You’ll be able to see your own results online in real time, and have access to vital industry benchmarks to see how your results compare to the rest of the sector.

What types of organisations are the surveys designed for?

Our surveys are designed to be used by arts venues including theatres, arts centres (including those with a mix of art forms) and concert halls. We have different versions of the survey available depending on the type of venue you are. We are also developing versions for other types of organisations, so please talk to us if you are interested in signing up for Subscription, especially if you are a touring company, gallery or visitor attraction. Get in touch →

What other organisations use Indigo Share: Subscription?

The list of Indigo Share subscribers is growing all the time. For the latest list, please get in touch →

How are responses captured and how do I see results?

We will provide you with a link to include in your post-visit emails to customers, taking them to a survey where their responses will flow into our survey software. You will be provided with another link to view all your results in real time, plus links to key data dashboards (PREMIUM and BESPOKE plans).

Do I need to think about GDPR implications?

We do not collect any personal data on your customers within the survey itself. We would recommend that you include the ability to survey customers under ‘performance of a contract’ legal basis in your own privacy policy.

Although the survey responses are completely anonymous, we do offer all respondents the option to enter a prize draw and/or to take part in future arts research. If they opt in to do this, their details are gathered in a separate survey and their personal data is not tied in any way to their individual responses.

What are the Audience Experience survey questions?

Get in touch today on to request a copy of the questions. The questions are reviewed annually and new surveys will be live on 1 April each year. Bespoke questions can be amended, added or deleted annually, before 1 April.

We need surveys ASAP - how quickly can you set me up?

We aim to get organisations up and running within two weeks. If you have an urgent requirement, let us know and we’ll do what we can to get you set up as quickly as possible.

I know I have to provide audience data for reporting to Arts Council England. Would I have to do these ones in addition to those?

We have included all the questions the Arts Council requires for 23/24, and will update these for 24/25 as soon as they are available from the Arts Council. Since April 2023, NPOs based in England have been able to upload the results from our Audience Experience surveys directly into Arts Council systems, saving you time and ensuring you can ask the questions that most matter to you. We will ensure that Indigo Share: Subscription remains in line with anything the Arts Council adds to its requirements.

How do I automate my surveys?

If you would like to automate your survey emails, we will set you up on Indigo Share: Subscription then send you clear instructions on what to do next. Automation makes audience surveying truly hassle-free: after one set-up, you can leave your surveying running all year long.