Terms and Conditions

Indigo Share is a collaborative research initiative, which encourages cultural organisations to undertake similar audience research together, in order to increase the benefit to the whole sector.

In order to do this successfully, we need to be clear about how we collect, use and share audience findings.


Host organisation – the cultural organisation wishing to undertake research with its audiences
Audience responses – numeric or text responses to questions asked in surveys

Collecting audience responses

  • Indigo Share will require the host organisation to send out survey links (provided by Indigo) to its own customer lists via email. Indigo will not receive or handle any personal data from host organisations.
  • Indigo can provide links in various formats for organisations to collect responses. As standard we will provide only an email link, but on paid plans we can supply QR codes or social media links if requested at no additional cost.
  • Host organisations will NOT use links supplied for email on social media channels, as this can attract rogue responses from survey bots.
  • For Indigo Share Subscription, we have a 'fair use' policy, based on average annual levels of response per year as follows: BASIC level 2500, ESSENTIAL 7500 and PREMIUM 13000. If you plan to exceed these amounts this should be discussed with Indigo to avoid loss of service.
  • Indigo will offer advice on how many, and which customers should be contacted to achieve a robust response. In many cases, research of this kind can be conducted under the legal basis ‘performance of a contract’, meaning that all customers can be contacted. However, it is entirely the responsibility of the host organisation to ensure they have the required data protection policies in place to support this.
  • Audience responses will be collected in real time, and stored in Indigo’s Survey software. No personal data is collected, so there is no requirement for a data-sharing agreement between the host organisation and Indigo.

Sharing Research findings

  • The host organisation will have access to view responses from their own audiences in real time, via a link to an online report provided by Indigo.
  • No other organisation (other than Indigo and our data processors) will have access to the host organisation’s results.
  • By taking part in Indigo Share whether free or on a paid-for plan the host organisation agrees that the response data will be aggregated and included in’ sector wide’ results, which will be published and shared with the sector by Indigo. Results may be aggregated and analysed by type/size/location of organisation, or by audience demographic (eg. by age) across the whole dataset. Indigo will take care never to publish data that could make an individual host organisation’s results identifiable.
  • All reports produced are the sole property of Indigo-Ltd but may be shared with others in the sector with credit to Indigo.
  • Indigo may choose to work with other partners and academics in the cultural sector to undertake further analysis of the data set and add commentary and insight; and may share findings with industry and legislative bodies, or regional/national bodies to assist in policy and decision making. Only aggregated data sets will be shared with partners in order to do this, and no individual organisational data will be exposed.

Payment and Subscription

Share: Subscription

  • The minimum term is 1 year, invoiced monthly or annually in advance.
  • Monthly subscription payments will need to be via regular Bank Transfer, set up via GoCardless and must be paid promptly via that method in order to keep the subscription active.
  • Annual subscriptions can be paid on invoice, 30 days and will be auto-renewed on an annual basis unless cancelled one month before renewal date.

Indigo Support

Indigo will provide support resources to organisations who sign up. These will include:

  • Advice on sample and response sizes for email surveys.
  • Suggested email copy for audiences.
  • An onboarding session (online) for paid-for plans.

Any queries regarding set up and operation of Indigo Share can be sent to info@indigo-ltd.com and we aim to respond within 48 hours during Monday - Friday.