Helping a City of Culture bid understand the cultural engagement and needs of its population, and develop an Audience Development Framework

project overview

Place-based cultural engagement / Creating place-based audience development frameworks

Bradford 2025 City of Culture Bid

Bradford 2025 is one of the shortlisted cities for City of Culture 2025, but in order to secure their shortlisting, Indigo worked with them to analyse and map the characteristics of their population in terms of cultural engagement and needs.

A combination of data analysis, review of existing population data, and primary research, created a clear picture of potential audience segments, based on cultural needs, and was then used to underpin an audience development framework, and key segments, developed by Indigo.

"Katy Raines and her colleagues at Indigo are brilliant partners to work with, bringing insightful analysis, a wealth of knowledge and experience and unafraid to face down hard truths, I cannot recommend her and her team highly enough."

Richard Shaw, Director of Bradford 2025

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