Delivering a membership engagement framework for the national body for amateur theatre

project overview

Delivering a membership engagement framework for the national body for amateur theatre

NODA - national body for amateur theatre

As the national membership body for amateur theatre, NODA supports and inspires more than 2,000 amateur groups across the UK and Ireland. As they approached their 125th anniversary year, NODA had clear ambitions to grow their membership, increase retention and ensure they are delivering what the members need - but they needed a little help figuring out how to do that.

In collaboration with the NODA team, we developed and delivered a membership survey to current and lapsed members, to help them better understand how their membership perceived NODA and what they valued most about being part of the NODA community. Alongside the survey, we ran a series of workshops with the NODA team, reviewing membership data and the current membership offer, to help understand the issues and challenges they were facing in delivery of the membership for their societies. 

The findings informed the creation of our new three-year membership growth and marketing framework for NODA, supported by a new budget and activity plan. 

The NODA team is now putting these plans into action, redefining their proposition, reviewing the benefits through a series of strategic projects and developing activity plans for member retention and acquisition. 

“From the outset the Indigo team demonstrated an ability to quickly establish a full and clear understanding of our organisation. The knowledge and expertise made available to us afforded a broader insight to a very much smarter way of thinking in our messaging and communications.

“The professionalism and high-quality interaction enjoyed underpinned a number of key imaginative, innovative ideas and recommendations drawn from their bespoke survey conducted with our membership. The findings provided in the form of a detailed framework document will enable us to more sharply focus on important issues for existing and potential new members. We look forward to a future working relationship with the Indigo team.”

Ian G Cox - NODA Chairman of Trustees

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