National Audience Research - After the Interval & Act 2

Act 2 survey

Audience views on booking tickets now, returning to live cultural events with social distancing, and experiencing culture in different formats. Sign up to take part →

We have released the initial findings from the first 3 weeks of audience responses (wave 1, 1 - 21 June) in two reports.

You can also explore the data and filter by different criteria in our interactive dashboard, created with One Further:

Further analysis of Act 2

After the Interval survey

16 April - 27 May

Audience views on returning to arts events, booking tickets now and in future, and missing out on live events during lockdown.

After collecting responses for 6 weeks, we released an 'at a glance' report and a full report. You can also use our interactive dashboard to explore the findings:

We had previously reported the results from the first 3 weeks of the survey (wave 1 - 16 April - 6 May):

Further analysis of After the Interval