Act Green 2022

Understanding audience attitudes towards the role of cultural organisations and their audiences in tackling the climate crisis - a new sector wide survey delivered by the Insights Alliance and sponsored by pointOne.

Act Green now closed

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Act Green is designed to help cultural organisations to:

  • Understand the ways in which audiences think cultural organisations should be reacting to the climate crisis
  • Discover how different audience groups view the role of organisations
  • Develop impactful ways to communicate with different audience groups and improve audience engagement with sustainability
  • Shape strategies for how best to involve audiences in sustainability initiatives 

With sponsorship from pointOne, Act Green is FREE for cultural organisations in the UK to take part. 

You will have access to your own results in real time and be contributing to a national benchmark, helping to develop a picture of cultural audiences across the UK and their views on sustainability and the climate crisis. 

The survey ran for three weeks from 9 - 29 May. 

​FAQs for participating organisations

What are the survey questions?

The survey covers the following areas:

  1. General attitudes to climate change - to help us segment audiences based in line with Office for National Statistics groupings
  2. The role of cultural organisations in the climate crisis and expectations of audiences
  3. The role of audiences and how they could support organisations to achieve environmental targets
  4. Demographic questions about the respondents - to further segment respondents

Download the survey questions ⟶

Complete the survey through the test link ⟶

Who should we send the survey to?

We recommend that you send the survey to a sample of your previous bookers. This could also include members. Depending on your usual email open rates, we recommend sending to around 3,000 - 5,000 people.

Audiences will have the option to enter a prize draw to win £100 of Theatre Tokens at the end of the survey.

When will we need to send out the survey?

Act Green is open for three weeks from 9 - 29 May and you can send the survey out any time during that period. We recommend sending no later than Thursday 26 May to give audiences time to respond.

What should we say in the email?

We’ll provide you with a template email for you to use or adapt to suit your organisation, or of course you're welcome to write your own.

How are the responses captured and how do I see my results?

We will provide you with a specific link for your organisation that you will email out to customers. Once a respondent clicks on this link their responses are recorded in our survey software. The results are available for you to see in real time through another link which we will send you for that purpose.

The results from your attenders are then aggregated with responses from all other organisations and used to create reports for the sector on the overall results. We will not share the responses for your individual organisation with anyone else – the results we share will always be the aggregated results so that no organisation can be individually identified.

What are the GDPR implications?

As you send out the link in an email from your systems, we have no contact with customer email addresses. The data that comes back into our software is NOT regarded as personal data, as there is no identifiable data in the responses.

When respondents have completed the survey they will be redirected to a form to ask if they would like to enter the prize draw. This data will be kept separately and securely in our systems, in line with Indigo’s privacy policy. If you, or any of your colleagues have any concerns about this, please get in touch.