WATCH AGAIN Insights Alliance webinar - Missing Audiences Wave 2

The Insights Alliance (Indigo, Baker Richards and One Further) presented the findings of the second wave of Missing Audiences research.

The second wave of responses were gathered by cultural organisations across the UK from 31 January - 20 February 2022.

Missing Audiences was created to find out more about how audiences are feeling about attending cultural events and venues, to help cultural organisations put audience needs at the heart of business planning and communications.

Insights Alliance webinar: Missing Audiences (Wave 2)

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Based in Northern Ireland?

We are working in association with thrive to deliver another webinar looking specifically at results from Northern Ireland on Monday 14 March at 2pm. Register now →

The Missing Audiences survey is designed to help you check in with audiences and:

  • find out what is holding some audiences and visitors back from attending so you can put their needs at the heart of your planning
  • find out how many of those who haven't returned to you are attending elsewhere
  • find out how those who have retuned feel about reattending

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