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Culture Restart Audience & Visitor Tracker

For organisations unable to reopen yet, the tracker provides a way to check in regularly with audiences and visitors, and track their sentiment over time.

Find out more about the other surveys in the Culture Restart Toolkit: 

Frequently asked questions

What is the Audience & Visitor Tracker? 

The tracker offers any cultural organisations a chance to check in monthly with their audiences, visitors or subscribers with a short sentiment survey, helping organisations to:

  • keep audiences and visitors engaged and involved during closure, and understand variances in sentiment of different audience segments
  • track key metrics around intention to attend, and gain vital data needed to plan a safe and financially viable reopening
  • assess the appeal of digital content and willingness to pay for it, both before and after re-opening

What are the survey questions? 

The survey questions are available to download:

What types of organisations is it designed for?

It is designed to be used by any kind of cultural organisation which has previously offered audiences a live in-person cultural experience - including theatres, museums, visitor attractions, touring companies, arts centres and many more! It is aimed at organisations who have not yet been able to fully reopen.

How often will I need to send out the survey? 

We will provide you with links to send out regularly - we suggest you do this monthly, but it is up to you to set the frequency so that it works alongside your other communications.

Who should we send the survey to? 

We suggest that you send this survey to a wide range of audiences and visitors - not just frequent or engaged ones. You will be able to request one, two or three links to send to different segments of your database each month.

You could consider three ways of sending out the surveys:

  1. Opt in - emailing a wide selection of customers and asking them to be part of a large ‘panel’ of attenders, who commit to completing the survey once per month. We ideally need a pool of between 2K-5K people in this pool across your three links, so you should send the recruitment emails to about 10k-15k depending on how responsive you think people will be. You would need to handle the responses to this email and create the pool on your own database, so that you know who to email each month.
  2. Opt out - emailing a similar group, telling them that you’ll be sending out a survey to them every month, and asking them to let you know if they would rather NOT take part. Anyone who objects could be recorded on your system, and excluded from the monthly email.
  3. Direct send - if you have a small and engaged mailing list or a few particularly engaged segments who won’t mind being sent a survey each month, you could consider emailing your whole list every month. We recommend warning people that they should expect this and we’ll provide some wording to help explain why this data is so important.

Can Indigo help with our data segmentation?

For organisations who use Spektrix, we have worked with the support team to put together a how to guide for creating segments and managing your opt in / opt out process: 

If you are using a different ticketing, CRM or email system, and you're not sure how best to segment your audiences or visitors, get in touch and we'll do our best to advise.

Does my organisation need to have taken part in one of the previous Indigo surveys?

No - any organisation can take part. If you took part in After the Interval or Act 2, you'll be able to see how sentiment has changes because we've kept a number of the key questions the same.

Can we just send it once? 

Yes - if you’d only like to take part once, that’s also fine.

How are the responses captured and how do I see the results? 

We provide you with a link to include in your email to customers. Once they click on this link their responses are recorded in our survey software. The results are available for you to see in real time by viewing a second link we will send you for that purpose.

The results from your attenders are then aggregated with responses from all other organisations and used to create regular reports for the sector on the overall results.

How do we take part?

The Culture Restart tracker is free for organisations to use. To sign up, fill in the participant information form at the top of this page and we’ll be able to get you all set up. 

Which countries can take part?

This wave is intended for UK organisations. For other countries, please contact us.