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Culture Restart Digital Experience Survey

For organisations presenting work online, the Culture Restart Digital Experience Survey is designed to capture audience sentiment after watching or taking part in a digital cultural experience.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Digital Experience Survey?

Our Digital Experience Survey is designed to be used by cultural organisations who are presenting work online. It captures audience reactions to watching or taking part in a specific online experience, and will help to: 

  • measure the success of your online events and how they compared with audience expectations
  • find out more about how your audiences are consuming your content
  • understand if you're reaching new cultural audiences and serving existing audiences or subscribers
  • consider options for pricing your online content in the short and long term

What are the survey questions?

The survey questions are available to download:

What types of organisations is it designed for?

The survey has been designed to be used by any kind of cultural organisation currently offering audiences digital cultural experiences - including theatres, museums, galleries, touring companies, arts centres and many more!

When do we need to send out the survey?

Your survey should be sent to audiences after the online event that they watched or took part in. If you sell tickets for your online events and collect audience email addresses, you can send the survey out via a post-event email. If you are not collecting email addresses for your digital audiences, you may want to consider other ways to include the survey as part of the digital experience, for example by posting it in the comments of a video, via a website pop-up or putting it on your social media channels after the event.

How are the responses captured and how do I see the results?

We provide you with a link to include in your email to customers. Once they click on this link their responses are recorded in our survey software. The results are available for you to see in real time by viewing a second link we will send you for that purpose.

The results from your respondents are then aggregated with responses from all other organisations and used to create regular reports for the sector on the overall results.

How do we take part? 

The Culture Restart Digital Experience Survey is free for organisations to use. To sign up, fill in the participant information form at the top of this page and we’ll be able to get you all set up.