WATCH AGAIN Culture Restart webinar - Trends & Trajectories

The Insights Alliance (Baker Richards, Indigo and One Further) looked back on 18 months of data gathered directly from cultural audiences - the fluctuations in confidence levels, the key dividing issues and the lessons we've learnt along the way.

In the final webinar from this UK-wide round of Culture Restart, we'll consider how the sector can use this insight to build resilience and continue to develop innovative ways to engage with audiences.

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Culture Restart: Trends and Trajectories

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During the webinar, we talked about a number of different surveys you can get involved with and resources we've created:

  • Culture Restart Experience Survey - a short post-visit survey designed to capture audience and visitor sentiment after attending an in-person cultural experience. It has been running since cultural venues began to reopen in May 2021.
  • Missing Audiences survey - a new survey designed to help you find out what is holding audiences and visitors back from attending so you can put their needs at the heart of your planning.
  • Five Reassurances - a blog and quick guide to the five areas of reassurance we think arts organisations need to give audiences to encourage them to return. 

All of our surveys are FREE to use. If you have any questions, get in touch at

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