Culture Restart Toolkit

A set of FREE tools designed for cultural organisations at all stages of reopening, helping to track audience and visitor sentiment and build up a national picture for the benefit of the whole sector.

Delivered by the Insights Alliance - supporting cultural recovery

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Culture Restart Toolkit surveys

We are offering three FREE survey tools for cultural organisations to use:

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Arts Council England and Arts Council of Wales

Results and insight

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Culture Restart audience & visitor tracker

for venues, producing companies, museums and galleries not yet able to reopen fully

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The audience and visitor tracker is designed to provide organisations with a way to check in regularly with audiences and visitors and track their sentiment over time. It will help organisations to: 

  • keep audiences and visitors engaged during closure, and help organisations understand variances in sentiment of different segments
  • track key metrics around intention to attend, and gain vital data needed to plan a safe and financially viable reopening
  • assess the appeal of digital content and willingness to pay for it, both before and after re-opening

Culture Restart pre & post-visit experience surveys

for organisations starting to reopen

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These pre and post-visit surveys are designed to capture audience and visitor sentiment before and after attending a cultural experience at a theatre, museum or other cultural venue. They are for cultural organisations that are starting to hold socially distanced events, performances and exhibitions and will help to: 

  • assess success of safety measures and messaging, and understand likely reattendance based on experience
  • measure movement in customer confidence levels as a result of attending
  • respond to issues which would drive negative word of mouth or reduce reattendance
  • reassure customers and facilitate open communication

Culture Restart digital experience survey

for organisations presenting digital cultural experiences

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Our digital experience survey is designed to be used by cultural organisations who are presenting work online. It is designed to capture audience reactions to watching or taking part in a specific online experience, and will help to: 

  • measure the success of your online events and how they compared with audience expectations
  • find out more about how your audiences are consuming your content
  • understand if you're reaching new cultural audiences and serving existing audiences or subscribers
  • consider options for pricing your online content in the short and long term

About the Culture Restart Toolkit

Building confidence is crucial to reactivating and retaining audiences and visitors to our theatres, museums, arts centres and other cultural organisations.

This toolkit, developed by the Insights Alliance, will help you to respond live to audiences and visitors - doing more of the things which build confidence and positive sentiment and rapidly responding to causes of negative sentiment.

We want to go beyond information and interest, into insight. Live data will be accompanied by regular events and reports recommending actions that organisations can take based on the national data.

The data collected during our previous surveys - After the Interval & Act 2 - has informed business planning and audience strategy in cultural organisations across the UK, and has been used to lobby government.

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