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Culture Restart Experience Survey

For organisations who have reopened, this post-visit survey captures audience and visitor sentiment after attending a cultural experience.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the post-visit Experience Survey?

This post-visit survey is designed to capture audience and visitor sentiment after attending a cultural experience. Designed for cultural organisations who have reopened for events, performances and exhibitions - either socially distanced or at full capacity - the survey will help to: 

  • assess success of safety measures and messaging, and understand likely reattendance based on experience
  • measure movement in customer confidence levels as a result of attending
  • respond to issues which would drive negative word of mouth or reduce reattendance
  • reassure customers and facilitate open communication

What are the survey questions?

You can download the survey questions [updated - July 2021]:

What types of organisations is it designed for?

It is designed to be used by any kind of cultural organisation currently offering audiences a live in-person cultural experience - including theatres, museums, visitor attractions, touring companies, arts centres and many more.

When do we need to send out the survey?

We recommend that you send the post-visit survey the day after the visit.

We know that many organisations will already be using their own post-event surveys. The Culture Restart Experience Survey is designed to be used for approximately the first month or six weeks that you run events to gather specific data on customer confidence about returning, and will allow you to benchmark your results against others in the sector. We suggest your return to regular post-event surveying once audiences or visitors are regularly returning.

Can Indigo help with our email set up?

For organisations who use Spektrix, we have worked with the support team to put together a how to guide for post-show emails: 

If you are using a different ticketing & CRM system and you're not sure how best to set this up, get in touch and we'll do our best to advise.

Does my organisation need to have taken part in one of the previous Indigo surveys?

No - any cultural organisation can take part.

How are the responses captured and how do I see the results?

We provide you with a link to include in your email to customers. In many ticketing systems post-visit surveys can be automated, meaning that you only need to set this up once. When customers click the link in the email their responses are recorded in our survey software. The results are available for you to see in real time by viewing a second link we will send you for that purpose.

The results from your attenders are then aggregated with responses from all other organisations and used to create regular reports for the sector on the overall results.

How do we take part?

The Culture Restart Experience Survey is free for organisations to use. To sign up, fill in the participant information form at the top of this page and we’ll be able to get you all set up. 

Is there a deadline for signing up? 

There is no deadline - you can sign up whenever you're ready to send out the surveys. It will take about 2-3 days to generate your links, so we suggest signing up no later than a week before the event you want to send the survey for, and feel free to sign up further in advance!

Which countries can take part?

This wave is intended for organisations in England, Scotland and Wales. For other countries, please contact us.