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Culture Restart Cinema Tracker

Developed in collaboration with the Independent Cinema Office, the Cinema Tracker provides a way to understand how your cinema attendees are feeling and help plan for reopening.

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All surveys in the Culture Restart Toolkit are FREE to use.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Cinema Tracker? 

The Tracker offers a chance to check in with attendees with a short sentiment survey, helping cinemas to:

  • keep attendees engaged and involved during closure, and understand how they are feeling about returning to cinema and other cultural performances and events
  • track key metrics around intention to attend, and gain vital data needed to plan a safe and financially viable reopening
  • assess the appeal of digital content and willingness to pay for it, both before and after re-opening

What are the survey questions? 

The survey questions are available to download:

Who should we send the survey to? 

We suggest that you send this survey out to a selection of your previous cinema attendees or to your newsletter list. Ideally it would go to around 3,000 - 4,000 people, but if you have fewer emails available to you, that's fine as well. 

To ensure the maximum response, it should be sent as a solus email rather than as part of a newsletter. We'll provide some suggested copy for you to include in your email. We can also give you a link to post on your social media channels to gather more responses.

When should we send the survey?

The survey will be live from April 2021, and we suggest sending the survey out as soon as possible to gather the data you need to prepare for reopening.

How are the responses captured and how do I see the results? 

We provide you with a link to include in your email to customers or post on social media. Once they click on this link their responses are recorded in our survey software. The results are available for you to see in real time via another link we will send you for that purpose.

The results from your attendees are then aggregated with responses from all other organisations. The Insights Alliance (Indigo, Baker Richards and One Further - who are running the Culture Restart Toolkit) will have access to these along with the Independent Cinema Office. We will share the overall responses in a report with the sector. All responses are anonymous, so there are no issues relating to GDPR.

How do we take part?

The Cinema Tracker is free for organisations to use and has been developed in collaboraion with the ICO. To sign up, fill in the participant information form at the top of this page and we’ll be able to get you all set up.