Services — Research and Evaluation

“Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.” David Ogilvy

We believe in research that makes a difference – that is clear, unambiguous and useful. We often use research alongside other intelligence or insight to ensure that the picture you have is a rounded and comprehensive one.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Whether it’s finding out how existing customers behave, what media they consume, or how the view your brand or venue, we can design cost-effective and timely research methods to augment the picture you already have of your customers and visitors.

We aim to design research that complements other sources of data you have – such as box office, or industry-wide data – making sure you have a context for your findings.

We will help you to determine the appropriate research methods to use to gain the maximum insights.

Evaluation and Measurement

Sometimes you need to design a way of measuring the success of a programme of work, either to feed back to funders, or simply to evaluate against your overall objectives.

We have helped many organisations design simple and pragmatic ways of doing this, combining existing data from ticket sales and existing sources, with simple research tools to give a powerful picture of the effectiveness of their work.

Benchmark surveys

We undertake two major benchmark surveys enabling you to compare your findings with similar organisations:

A post-show ‘experience survey’ – sent to attenders after their visit. You are able to see results per production, and also compare your results in a 6-monthly benchmark with similar organisations

Annual Customer Survey – sent to attenders over the last three years, to understand motivations, barriers, but also flesh out the profile you have of your visitors and audiences. By using standardised questions for part of the survey we can again provide benchmark comparisons.

Trusts and Foundations Research

Are you good at writing applications, but always going back to the same small group of funders? It’s great to have a fresh pair of eyes on your organisation or projects to spot new funding opportunities. We can help you by researching against a series of project synopses, providing you with a database of potential funders, detailing why we think them to be a good match, a suggested level of award, similar projects supported previously, and all the contact details you’ll need to make an application.

Indigo has a wealth of knowledge and understanding about arts audiences, and a creative and strategic approach to getting results and providing advice to arts organisations. 

Nicola Young, Communications Director, Belgrade Theatre Coventry