Services — Place-based cultural engagement

Cultural organisations have the potential to be an integral part of their local area, embedded in the lives of the people they aim to serve.

We can help you to connect with your local community, by understanding more about who they are, how they engage with culture and what they want from a culture or heritage organisation.

Supporting place-based partnerships

If you're part of a group of organisations in a particular area, or interesting in forming one, we can help you work together to understand and develop local audiences and test approaches to community engagement.

Data analysis

If you have a ticketing system or customer database, you're likely to be sitting on a goldmine of information that can be useful to you in making programming, business and marketing decisions. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with data, but have no information or insight. Our approach helps you to understand what’s really important in the data you have – and how to use it in a smart way as you move forwards.

Creating place-based audience development frameworks

If you need to understand the levels of cultural engagement in your local population, Indigo’s range of audience research expertise can help. From data analysis to segmentation models, we can help you develop an insightful audience framework to better understand your community’s needs.

Katy’s contribution to the project has been crucial in its development and in furthering the project 

Emma Lind, Project Manager and Researcher, Agder University (Norway)​​​​